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Proceedings of the 31th International Symposium on Shock Waves

(July 9-14, 2017, Nagoya, Japan)

    Paul Vieille Memorial Lecture

    Aerodynamic Testing at Duplicated Hypersonic Flight Conditions with Hyper-Dragon
    Prof. Zonglin Jiang, H. Yu

    Ray Stalker Lecture

    Legacy at T5
    Prof. Joanna M. Austin

    Irvine Israel Glass Lecture

    Shock wave research: Remembrance of Professor I. I. Glass
    Prof. Kazuyoshi Takayama

    Plenary Lectures

  1. Experimental studies of shock wave related phenomena at the Ben Gurion University – A Review
    Prof. Oren Sadot
  2. Shock Compression Spectroscopy Under a Microscope
    Prof. Dana D. Dlott
  3. Kinetic Shock Tubes: Recent Developments for the Study of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemical Processes
    Dr. Nabiha Chaumeix
  4. Structure and Unsteadiness of Swept-Ramp Shock Wave / Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions
    Prof. Noel T. Clemens
  5. Research on Shock-Induced Aerothermodynamics for Future Planetary Explorations
    Prof. Kazuhisa Fujita

    Student Competition (1)

  1. Characterisation of Curved Axisymmetric Internal Shock Waves
    A.A. Filippi, B.W. Skews
  2. Aft-body effects on lip shock-wave laminar free-interaction
    William Schuyler Hinman, Craig T. Johansen
  3. Numerical Investigation on the Effects of Air Dissociation upon Hypersonic Projectile in Standard Atmospheric Air
    Hirotaka Kasahara, Akiko Matsuo
  4. Optimisation and Design of a Fully Instrumented Mach 12 Nozzle for the X3 Expansion Tube
    Pierpaolo Toniato, David Edward Gildfind, Peter Albert Jacobs, Richard Gareth Morgan
  5. Student Competition (2)

  6. Contribution to the Development of a Fast Running Method for Blast Waves Propagation
    Julien RIDOUX, Nicolas Lardjane, François Coulouvrat, Laurent Monasse
  7. Direct Numerical Simulations of Interaction Between Planar Shock Wave and Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence at Low Turbulent Mach Number
    K. Tanaka, T. Watanabe, K. Nagata, A. Sasoh, Y. Sakai, T. Hayase
  8. The Reflection of Cylindrical Shock-Wave Segments on Cylindrical Wall Segments Bright
    Bekithemba Ndebele, Beric Skews
  9. Geometrical perception of convex surface reflections
    Meital Geva, Omri Ram, Oren Sadot, Gabi Ben-Dor
  10. Student Competition (3)

  11. Numerical Investigation of P-M Flow with Condensation in Large-Scale Domain by GPU-Accelerated Solver
    Luying Wang, Wei Ran, Fenghua Qin, Xisheng Luo
  12. Interaction of Cylindrical Converging Shock Wave with SF6 Gas Bubble
    Yu Liang, Zhigang Zhai, Xisheng Luo
  13. Numerical study on the single-mode Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in a cylindrical geometry
    Lili Liu, Juchun Ding, Zhigang Zhai, Ting Si, Xisheng Luo
  14. The Evolution of a Square SF6 Gas Cylinder Impacted by a Converging Shock Wave
    C. Zheng, Z. Chen, H. Zhang, S. Zhu
  15. Student Competition (4)

  16. Laboratory Simulation of Explosions Using Conical Shock Tubes
    Obed Samuelraj Isaac, Jagadeesh Gopalan
  17. Optimising the X3R Reflected Shock Tunnel Free-Piston Driver for Long Duration Test Times
    Samuel J Stennett, David E Gildfind, Peter A Jacobs
  18. Driver Condition Development for High Enthalpy Operation of the X3 Expansion Tube
    Andreas Andrianatos, David Gildfind, Richard Morgan
  19. Revisiting Shock Propagation in a Temperature Gradient
    Sembian Sundarapandian, Michael Liverts, Nicholas Apazidis
  20. Student Competition (5)

  21. CO and H2O Time-histories in a Shock-heated H2S/CH4 Blend near Atmospheric Pressure
    Clayton R Mulvihill, Olivier Mathieu, Eric L Petersen
  22. Numerical Study of Hydrogen-Air Detonation in Vibrational Nonequilibrium
    L.S. Shi, P. Zhang, C.Y. Wen, H. Shen, M. Parsani, D.L. Zhang
  23. Investigation on Vibrational Nonequilibrium Effect on ZND detonation model
    Ken C. K. Uy, L. S. Shi, C. Y. Wen
  24. Application of NO Laser Induced Fluorescence in JF-10 Detonation-Driven Shock Tunnel
    H. Yan, S. Zhang+, X. Yu
  25. Student Competition (6)

  26. Flow-field for an Accelerating Axisymmetric Body
    I. Mahomed, H. Roohani, B.W. Skews, I.M. A. Gledhill
  27. Prediction of Stagnation-Point Radiative Heating for FIRE II
    S. M. Jo, G. Park, O. J. Kwon
  28. Initial testing of a 2m Mach-10 free-piston Shock tunnel
    Junmou Shen, Handong Ma, Chen Li, Xing Chen, Zhixian Bi
  29. Student Competition (7)

  30. Measurement of Velocity Fluctuations and Overpressure of Spherical Shock Wave in Grid Turbulence
    K. Inokuma, S. Nishio, T. Watanabe, K. Nagata, A. Sasoh, Y. Sakai
  31. Upstream Pressure Induced MR-RR Shock Transitions
    R. Arun Kumar, G. Rajesh
  32. Investigation of an Expansion Fan/Shock Wave Interaction between High Aspect Ratio Wedges
    L. Nel, B. Skews
  33. Student Competition (8)

  34. Numerical study of dusty shock reflection over a double wedge
    Jingyue Yin, Juchun Ding, Xisheng Luo
  35. Large Eddy Simulation of Expansion Wave Diffraction
    Z. Shaikh, B.W. Skews
  36. Jetting in Strong Shock Reflections Through Low Isentropic Exponent Gases: Experiments and Navier-Stokes Simulations
    S. SM. Lau-Chapdelaine, Q. Xiao, M. I. Radulescu
  37. Student Competition (9)

  38. Numerical analysis of surface heat flux in a forward facing cavity
    Sudarshan B, Saravanan S
  39. Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators (DBD-PA) on Boundary Layer Separation Control in Hypersonic Flows
    Snehal U M, Mohammed Ibrahim, G. Jagadeesh
  40. Shock wave propagation through a series of perforated plates
    O. Ram, G. Ben-Dor, O. Sadot
  41. Student Competition (10)

  42. Study on Mach stem shape of the asymmetric overall Mach reflection
    Y. Tao, W.D. Liu, X.Q. Fan
  43. Time-Resolved Optical Flow of Supersonic Bevelled Nozzles
    H. D. Lim, T. H. New, Y. D. Cui, Shengxian Shi
  44. Experiments in Supersonic Gaseous Ejector using 2D PIV Technique
    S. K. Karthick, Srisha M. V. Rao, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy
  45. Poster Session (1) Student Competition

  46. Measurement of Temperature Field around Spiked Bodies at Hypersonic Mach Numbers
    A. Sneh Deep, B. Yedhu Krishna, C. Gopalan Jagadeesh
  47. Transmitted wave of shock wave through various materials
    Hiroki Henmi, Susumu Kobayashi, Taketoshi Koita
  48. Experimental Study of Radiation behind Reflected Air Shock Waves
    Sota Yamazaki, Akira Harasawa, Masato Funatsu
  49. Effect of Imaging Blurring on 3D Computed Tomography of Chemiluminescence
    K. Wang, F. Li, X. Yu
  50. Experimental Investigate on the Flame-Shock Wave Interactions in a Confined Combustion Chamber
    Jianfu Zhao, Lei Zhou, Haiqiao Wei, Dongzhi Gao, Zailong Xu
  51. Numerical Simulation of Supersonic/Hypersonic Flow for TSTO's Staging Separation
    H. Iwafuji, Y. Kurata, M. Kanazaki, T. Fujikawa, K. Yonemoto
  52. Shock Train Structures in Rectangular Ducts
    F. Gnani, H. Zare-Behtash, C. White, K. Kontis
  53. PLIF-based concentration measurement of OH behind the blast wave emanating from an oxy-hydrogen detonation-driven shock tube
    S. K. Karthick, P. R. Rajitha, S. Janardhanraj, Y. Krishna, G. Jagadeesh
  54. An interaction between shock wave and vortex induced by small volume high pressure shock tube
    Tomohiro Maekawa, Minoru Yaga, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Nao Kuniyoshi
  55. Experimental investigation of film cooling technique over a blunt body in hypersonic flow
    Sindhu J L K, Mohammed Ibrahim. S, K. P. J. Reddy
  56. Wavefront Aberration in a Laser Beam Induced by Supersonic Flow Field around a Wedge
    Sangyoon Lee, Mancheol Jeong, Minwook Chang, In-Seuck Jeung, Hyoung Jin Lee
  57. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability (1)

  58. Light/heavy converging Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in a conventional shock tube
    L. Biamino, G. Jourdan, L. Houas, M. Vandenboomgaerde, D. Souffland
  59. Numerical Study on a Single-mode Interface Impacted by a Converging Shock
    Juchun Ding, Zhigang Zhai, Ting Si, Xisheng Luo
  60. Wave Patterns in the Interaction of an Incident Shock with an Elliptic Gas Cylinder
    Wenbin Zhang, Liyong Zou
  61. A study of shock-induced, variable density mixing
    Swathi M. Mula, Adam A. Martinez, Nick Denissen, Kathy Prestridge
  62. Diagnostics/Flow Visualization (1)

  63. Temperature Measurement in a Shock Tunnel Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
    M. Kannan, Y. Krishna, G. Jagadeesh and K. P. J. Reddy
  64. Molecular Tagging Velocimetry of NH Fluorescence in a High-enthalpy Rarefied Gas Flow
    S. Zhang, X. Yu, H. Yan, H. Huang, L. Liu
  65. Measurements of Jet A Vapor Concentration Using Interband Cascade Laser
    Po-Hsiung Chang, Jiun-Ming L, Chiang Juay Teo, Boo Cheong Khoo, Christopher M. Brophy, Robert G. Wright
  66. Research on the Continuous Rotating Detonation Wave in a Hollow Chamber with Laval Nozzle (fit to presenter’s window)
    Shijie Liu, Hailong Zhang, Weidong Liu
  67. Blast Waves (1)

  68. Interaction of a Blast Wave with a Material Interface
    Eric Johnsen, M. T. Henry de Frahan
  69. Effects of Liquid Impurity on Laser-Induced Gas Breakdown in Quiescent Gas: Experimental and Numerical Investigations
    T. Ukai, H. Zare-Behtash, C. White, K. Kontis
  70. Attenuation of Blast Wave in a Duct with Expansion Region (Effects of configuration, porous panel, and acoustic material)
    M. Ishiguro, Y. Takakura
  71. Experimental study on Configuration Effects of Supersonic Projectiles in Transitional Ballistic Regimes
    C. M. Athira, G. Rajesh
  72. Plasmas/ Magnetohyrdrodynamics (1)

  73. Study of MHD Effects in the High-Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Göttingen (HEG) using a 30T Pulsed Magnet System
    J. Martinez Schramm, K. Hannemann
  74. An Electrodynamic Aerobraking Experiment in a Rarefied Arc-Heated Flow
    H. Katsurayama, N. Fukuda, T. Toyodome, Y. Katoh, K. Tomita, M. Matsui
  75. Parametrical Quasi-resonant Amplification of Alfven Waves in Heat-Releasing Isentropically Unstable Media
    S.A. Belov, N.E. Molevich, D.I. Zavershinskiy, D.S. Ryashchikov, S.Yu. Pichugin
  76. Two-Dimensional MHD Structures in Heat-Releasing Plasma
    D.S. Riashchikov, N.E. Molevich, D.I. Zavershinsky
  77. Chemical Kinetics

  78. A Study on Soot Formation Characteristics of a Gasoline Surrogate Fuel Using a Shock Tube
    Yuki Nagata, Kazuhiro Ishii
  79. Shock Tube Study of Nitric Oxide Addition on Ignition Delay Time of n-Dodecane/Air Mixture
    Jiankun Shao, Yangye Zhu, Chris Almodovar, David F. Davidson, Ronald K. Hanson
  80. A Study of the Chemiluminescence of СН*, ОН*, С2* and СО2* during the Ignition of C2H2−O2−Ar Mixture behind Reflected Shock Waves
    Vladimir Nikolaevich Smirnov, Anatoly Mikhailovich Tereza, Pavel Aleksandrovich Vlasov, Irina Vladimirovna Zhiltsova
  81. Effect of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate (DMMP) Addition on H2, CH4, and C2H4 ignition Behind Reflected Shock Waves
    Olivier Emile Mathieu, W. D. Kulatilaka, Eric L. Petersen
  82. Ignition Delay Times of Methane and Hydrogen Highly Diluted in Carbon Dioxide
    Jiankun Shao, David F. Davidson, Ronald K. Hanson, Subith Vasu
  83. Facilities

  84. CFD Evaluation and Experiment test of the running time of the Ludwieg Tube Quiet Wind Tunnel
    Junmou Shen, Ying Zhang, Dan Wang, Ruiqu Li, Jian Gong
  85. Development and Performance Study of Shock Tube with Extended Test-time for Materials Research
    Jayaram Vishakantaiah, Gowtham Balsubramaniam, Subba Rao Keshava
  86. Liquid-Coupled Dual Piston Driver for Small-Scale Impulse Facilities
    Sean O'Byrne, Rhys McCormack, Harald Hermann Kleine
  87. Aerodynamic Force Measurement Techniques in JF12 Shock Tunnel
    YF. Liu, YP. Wang, CK. Yuan, CT. Luo, ZL. Jiang
  88. Development of a Total Enthalpy and Reynolds Number Matched Apollo Re-entry Condition in the X2 Expansion Tunnel
    Timothy G. Cullen, Christopher M. James, Rowan J. Gollan, Richard G. Morgan
  89. Blast Waves(2)

  90. An Investigation of Stationary and Moving Cased Charge Detonations in Stone Lined Pipes
    Orlando A. Soto, Joseph D. Baum, Fumiya Togashi, Rainald Lohner, Michael E. Giltrud and J. Bell
  91. Air Blast from a Structural Reactive Material Solid
    Fan Zhang, Maxime Gauthier, Cristian V. Cojocaru
  92. Non-Ideal Blast Waves from Particle-Laden Explosives
    Quentin T. Pontalier, M.G. Lhoumeau, David L. Frost
  93. Experimental and numerical investigation of blast wave interaction with a three level building
    Jacques Massoni, Laurent Biamino, Georges Jourdan, Lazhar Houas, Ozer Igra
  94. CFD models of shocks and flow fields associated with decelerating spheres in terms of flow history and inertial effects (fit to presenter’s window)
    Hamed Roohani, Irvy M.A. Gledhill, Beric W. Skews
  95. Supersonic Jet

  96. Numerical Study of Heat Transfer on Confined Under-expanded Impinging Jet from Slot into A Plenum
    Tinglong Huang, Lianjie Yue, Xinyu Chang
  97. Exploration of under-expanded free and impinging supersonic jet flows
    David DONJAT, Francois Nicolas, Olivier Leon, Francis Micheli, Guy Le Besnerais, F. Champagnat
  98. Estimation of the Particle Drag Coefficients for Compressible and Rarefied Flows Using PIV and MTV Data
    Taro Handa, Shunsuke Koike, Kohei Imabayashi
  99. PIV studies on the effect of number of lobes in a supersonic ESTS lobed nozzle
    S.K. Karthick, V. Albin, Srisha M.V. Rao, G. Jagadeesh
  100. Hypersonic Flow Computations by Using an Equivalent Gas Model (fit to presenter’s window)
    Shlomy Shitrit, Eran Arad
  101. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (1)

  102. Pressure Measurements around an Electric Discharge Produced on a Wedge in a Supersonic Flow
    P. Gnemmi, C. Rey, B. Sauerwein, M. Bastide
  103. Thermal Spike Conception for Wave Drag Reduction of Blunt Bodies at Different Supersonic Speeds
    P. Georgievskiy, V. Levin
  104. Critical Condition of Bow-Shock Instability around Edged Blunt Body
    N. Ohnishi, Y. Inabe, K. Ozawa, K. Ohtani
  105. Variation in spanwise direction of transonic buffet on a three-dimensional wing
    Y. Kojima, A. Hashimoto, T. Aoyama, M. Kameda
  106. Numerical simulation of Laser-Ablation Propulsion Performance for Spherical Capsule
    C. Xie, T. D. Tran, K. Mori
  107. Boundary layer transition measurements on sharp and blunt cones in the T4 Stalker Tube
    David John Mee, Sreekanth Raghunath
  108. Shock Shape Transition on Spherically Blunted Cones in Hypersonic Flows
    Jan Martinez Schramm, Hans G Hornung, Klaus Hannemann
  109. Detonation and Combustion (1)

  110. Effect of Hydrodynamic Instabilities on the Development of Hydrogen-Air Flames
    N.B. Anikin, V.A. Simonenko, A.V. Pavlenko, A.A. Tiaktev, I.L. Bugaenko, Yu.A. Piskunov
  111. Gas Flow with Stabilized Detonation in a Plane Channel
    V. Levin, T. Zhuravskaya
  112. The influence of shock reflections on detonation re-initiation
    L. Li1, C.J. Teo, B.C. Khoo, J. Li, P.H. Chang
  113. Crumpling Behavior of Graphene Oxide in Jet A-1 Vapor in Air and Its Effects on Combustion Process
    Jiun-Ming Li, Po-Hsiung Chang, Lei Li, Yiyuan Liu, Van Bo Nguyen, Chiang Juay Teo, Boo Cheong Khoo, Van Cuong Mai, Hongwei Duan
  114. Decaying Modes of Propagation of Detonation and Flame Front in Narrow Channel
    S. V. Golovastov, G. Yu. Bivol
  115. Numerical Study on a Cycle of Liquid Pulse Detonation Engines
    Van Bo NGUYEN, Quoc Thien Phan, Li Jiun-Ming, Khoo Boo Cheong, Chiang Juay Teo
  116. Investigation of High-Frequency Pulse Detonation Cycle with Fuel Phase Transition
    H. Taki, K. Takao, N. Hirota, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, H. Watanabe, A. Matsuo, T. Endo
  117. Shock Wave Reflection/Interaction (1)

  118. Revisiting temperature measurements at the focus of spherically converging shocks in argon
    M. Liverts, N. Apazidis
  119. Interaction of multiple cylindrical expanding shock waves
    S. Qiu, N. Amen, V. Eliasson
  120. Experimental and numerical investigation of a shock wave propagation through a bifurcation
    A. Marty, L. Biamino, G. Jourdan, E. Daniel, J. Massoni, L. Houas, D. Leriche
  121. A Compact High Order Finite Volume Method for Computing Shock Waves on Arbitrary Grids
    Lingquan Li, Hong Luo, Yuxin Ren
  122. Partial Confinement of Detonation Products by Shock Reflection from a Convergent Nozzle Opening
    Y. Schweitzer, Y. Lefler, A. Ravid, D. Sidilkover, S. Pistinner, A. Fedotov-Gefen, G. Lifshitz
  123. Shock Interaction on a V-shaped Blunt Leading Edge
    Zhiyu Zhang, Zhufei Li, Fengshou Xiao, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang
  124. On Hysteresis at Axisymmetric Curved Shock Reflection from an Axial Cylinder
    B. Shoesmith, E. Timofeev
  125. Shock Waves in Solids/Impact and Compaction

  126. Shock wave propagation through heterogeneous cementitious composites
    M. Foglar, A. Horska, R. Hajek, J. Pachman
    M.V. Zhernokletov, O.N. Aprelkov, A.E. Kovalev, M.G. Novikov, L.I. Kanunova, D.N. Zamotaev, A.N. Malyshev, E.V. Koshatova, D.V. Kryuchkov, A.M. Ivin, V.I. Skokov, А.M. Podurets, M.I. Tkachenko, S.N. Ulanov, S.I. Kirshanov, A.B. Mezhevov, O.V. Myasoedov
    M.V. Zhernokletov, V.V. Glushchenko, A.E. Kovalev, P.V. Matveev, A.M. Podurets, V.G. Simakov
  129. Mathematical modeling of the impact of high-speed metallic plates
    S. Vladimirovna Fortova, P. Utkin, V. Shepelev, T. Narkunas
  130. Application of Riemann Solver for Compressible and Non-Expanding Fluid to Impact on Regolith
    K. Suzuki
  131. Equation of state and phase transformations of zirconium in shock waves
    K. V. Khishchenko
  132. Calculation of Intensity Profiles behind a Shock Wave Travelling in Air at speeds exceeding 12 km/s (fit to presenter’s window)
    A. Lemal, S. Matsuyama, S. Nomura, H. Takayanagi, K. Fujita
  133. Shock Waves in Dense Gases

  134. In-pipe aerodynamic characteristics of a projectile in comparison with free-flight for transonic Mach numbers between 0.5 and 1.5
    R. Hruschka, D. Klatt
  135. Assessment of real gas effects on SCO2 flows with shock waves
    Senthil Kumar Raman, Heuy Dong Kim
  136. Structure of shock waves in noble gases under high density conditions
    Z. A. Walenta, A. M. Słowicka
  137. Selective Shock-Refraction Properties in Non-Ideal Fluids
    E. Touber, N. Alferez
  138. Ballistic Range Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Shock Stand-off Distances over Spheres in CO2
    Dongjun Liao, Sen Liu, Jie Huang, Hexiang Jian, Aimin Xie, Zonghao Wang
  139. A Numerical Investigation of Oblique Shock Waves in Non-Ideal Compressible-Fluid Flows
    G. Gori, D. Vimercati, A. Guardone
  140. Singularity formation in the geometry of perturbed shocks of general Mach number
    W. Mostert, D.I. Pullin, R. Samtaney, V. Wheatley
  141. Poster Session (2)

  142. Measurement of Plasma Formed by High-speed Impact to Estimate Temperature at Impact Point
    Yuta Motoyama, Koki Umeda, Takanari Sakai, Satoshi Kinoshita, Keiko Watanabe
  143. Spectral Radiant Intensity Calculation of Air in Shock tube
    Jun-Ming Lyu, Xiao-Li Cheng, Ji-Jun Yu, Fei Li, Xi-Long Yu
  144. Experimental studies around shock tube for dynamic calibrations of high-frequency pressure transducers
    M. Lavayssière, J. Luc, A. Lefrançois
  145. Numerical Investigation of the Interaction Between a Planar Shock Wave with a Square Bubble Containing Different Gases
    Dan Igra, Ozer Igra
  146. Propagation Behavior and Mitigation of Shock Wave along Water inside a Rectangular Tube
    Yuta Sugiyama, Yoshio Nakayama, Kaisei Nishimura, Kiyonobu Ohtani, Akiko Matsuo
  147. Underwater Shock Waves by Explosion in a Closed Space
    Kiyonobu Ohtani, Toshihiro Ogawa, Atsuhiro Nakagawa, Keiichi Nakagawa
  148. To the Complex Approach to the Numerical Investigation of the Shock Wave – Dense Particles Bed Interaction
    Dmitry Alekseevich Sidorenko, Pavel Sergeevich Utkin
  149. Collision of underwater explosion with compressible porous wall
    Kazutaka KITAGAWA, Daiki NAGAHIRO, Kiyonobu OHTANI, Atsushi ABE
  150. Temperature Distribution Measurement for the Comprehension of the Interaction Phenomena between the Shock Wave and the DC Discharged Field
    Kenji Okada, Kohei Suwata, Takuhiro Kito, Atsushi Matsuda, Shinji Koizumi
  151. Blast Wave Propagation Affected by Ground Characteristics
    Azi Lipshtat, Shlomi Pistinner
  152. Experimental Study of Normal Shock Wave-Isotropic Turbulence Interaction Using Counter-Driver Shock Tube
    Takahiro Tamba, Masaya Kayumi, Hirokatsu Kawasaki, Hiroki Fujiwara, Akira Iwakawa, Akihiro Sasoh
  153. Passive Control of Hypersonic Separated Flow around Spiked Bodies
    G Balakalyani, G Jagadeesh
  154. Strength and Frequency of Underwater Shock Waves Related to Sterilization Effects on a Marine Bacterium
    Jingzhu Wang, Akihisa Abe, Naoyuki Ito, Kota Nishibayashi
  155. Disturbance Waves behind the Shock Propagating through Non-uniform Gas
    Fedor Vasilievich Shugaev, Aleksandr Kalinchenko
  156. Measurement and Formulation of Velocity, Attitude and Trajectory of Moving Object Using Magnet-Coil Method for High-Speed Penetration Experiment
    Shun Iwata, Keiko Watanabe
  157. Dust Lofting behind shock waves what is the dominate Lofting Mechanism
    Yael Lefler, S. Pistinner, A. Yafe, O. sadot
  158. Influence of Matrix Resin on Impact Resistance of CFRP by a Small Sphere
    Toshimitsu Kawai, Toshihira Irisawa, Yasuhiro Tanabe, M. Nakayama, A. Yoshimura
  159. Improvement of Impact Resistance of Ceramics by using Resin-based Materials
    Shin Yamashita, Takuya Suzuki, S. Fujimori, Toshihira Irisawa, Yasuhiro Tanabe
  160. Multiple Reflected Shock Wave in Closed Volume with Granular Screen
    Olga Mirova, Sergey V Golovastov, Andrey Kotelnikov, Victor Golub, Tatyana Bazhenova
  161. Schlieren Tomography to Visualise Three Dimensional Supersonic Flows
    S Vaisakh, T M Muruganandam
  162. Numerical Simulation of a Water Column deformation and breakup by Shock Wave
    Tomohiro Kamiya, Makoto Asahara, Takeshi Miyasaka
  163. Experimental Study on Grid Turbulence Interacting with a Spherical Shock wave
    Yasumasa Ito, Yudai Ato, Yasuhiko Sakai, Koji Iwano, Koji Nagata, Akihiro Sasoh
  164. Study of Shock Impact Pressure Amplification and Attenuation of Acoustic Waves in E-Glass Material
    V. Jayaram, K. R. Kannan, G. Arvind Raj, K. P. J. Reddy
  165. Computations of a Shock Layer Flow with a Vibrational-Specific Kinetics Model
    Marie-Claude DRUGUET, Arnaud BULTEL, Vincent MOREL, Julien ANNALORO
  166. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (2)

  167. The role of three-dimensional shock wave interaction in the complex hypersonic heating
    Chun WANG, Gaoxiang XIANG, Zonglin JIANG, Xudong LI, Zengmin SHI
  168. Thermo-structural design of hypersonic vehicle sharp leading edges for thermo-erosive stability using finite element modelling
    Anupam Purwar
  169. Comparative Heat Flux Measurement of a Sharp Cone between Three Hypersonic Test Facilities at LHD
    Qiu Wang, Song Wu, Jinping Li, Pan Lu, Wei Zhao, Zonglin Jiang, Jiwei Li
  170. Investigation of the Heat transfer in Hypersonic Flow on Modified Spike Blunt Bodies
    Gopalakrishna N, Saravanan S
  171. Detonation and Combustion (2)

  172. Propagation Mechanism of Detonations in Rough Walled Tube
    Jian Li, Tianwei Yang, Xiahu Wang, Jianguo Ning
  173. Experimental Research on the Detonation in Gaseous Mixtures with Suspended Aluminum Particles
    Xiaoyuan Zhang, Hong Chen, Jinping Li, Shizhong Zhang, Hongru Yu
  174. The Influence of Spatial Heterogeneity in Energetic Material on Non-ideal Detonation Propagation
    Jianling Li, Duowang Tan, Hongbin Li, Lei Zhao, Xiaocheng Mi, Andrew J. Higgins
  175. Flame Propagation over the Heat Absorbing Substrate
    Victor V Golub, Andrei E Korobov, Anton Yu Mikushkin, Vladislav V Volodin
  176. Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction (1)

  177. Oxygen Catalytic Recombination on Titanium Surface
    Yosheph Yang, Gisu Park
  178. Surface Heat Transfer of Tertiary Gas Mixtures with Roughness Controlled
    Kim IkHyun, Gisu Park
  179. Experimental study of ejection of particles from shock-loaded metals
    K. Ten, E. Pruuel, A. Kashkarov, I. Rubtsov, A. Muzyrya, K. Prosvirnin, G. Rykovanov, E. Smirnov, M. Stolbikov, L. Shekhtman, V. Zhulanov, B. Tolochko
  180. Numerical Simulations of Transverse Jet in Supersonic Crossflow toward an Understanding of Interaction Mechanism
    Toshihiro Iwasa, Keiichiro Fujimoto, Daiki Muto, Nobuyuki Tsuboi
  181. Multiphase Flow (1)

  182. Simulation of shock-bubbles interaction using a four-equation homogeneous model
    Eric Goncalves, Dia Zeidan
  183. Surface Jetting Induced by Explosion in Liquid below an Immersed Bubble
    Yujian Zhu, Guifu Zhang, Jiming Yang
  184. Generation Frequency of Rebound Shock Waves from Bubble Collapses in Cavitation Jet
    Kota NISHIBAYASHI, Akihisa ABE, Jingzhu WANG
  185. Experimental Study on the Influence of Underwater Explosion Depth on the Disintegration of Thin Resin Plate Attached Microbubbles
    Taketoshi Koita, Mingyu Sun, Yoshio Fukushima, Linshi Guo, Xilu Zhao, Susumu Kobayashi
  186. Shock Waves in Internal Flows (1)

  187. Effect on Shock Train Behaviour of the Addition of a Cavity for Supersonic Intakes
    Andrew Russell, H Zare-Behtash, K Kontis
  188. Measurement of shock wave attenuation in microchannels
    Jerome Giordano, Pierre Perrier, Lionel Meister, Martin Brouillette
  189. Experimental Investigation of Shock Wave Characteristics in Small Scale Circular Channel
    Ritik Singh, Ezequiel F Médici, Kazuya Tajiri
  190. Shock Oscillations in a Supersonic Diffuser Flow with Varying Stagnation Pressure
    Jintu K James, Muruganandam T M
  191. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (3)

  192. Skin friction measurement based on SSLCCs in hypersonic wind tunnel
    Chen. Xing, Bi. Zhixian, Wen. Shuai, Yao. Dapeng, Pan. Junjie
  193. Experimental study on hypersonic pitch-up anomaly in shock tunnel
    Hideyuki Tanno, Tomoyuki Komuro, Kazuo Sato, Katsuhiro Itoh
  194. Review on Film Cooling in High-speed Flows
    Kosuke Fujiwara, R. Sriram, Konstantinos Kontis, Takeomi Ideta
  195. Plasmas / Magnetohydrodynamics (2)

  196. Laser-induced shock waves in micro tubes
    Ulrich Teubner, Yun Kai, Walter Garen, Theodor Schlegel
  197. Gas-Dynamic Flow behind Shock Wave Initiated by a Sliding Surface Discharge Channel
    Irina Mursenkova, Ekaterina Koroteeva, Yugan Liao, Irina Znamenskaya
  198. Mode transition from fast-gas ionization wave to laser-supported detonation wave
    Kohei Shimamura, Naoto Ozaki, Kohei Matsui, Kimiya Komurasaki
  199. Multiphase Flow (2)

  200. A Study of Dispersion, Vaporization, and Combustion of Burnable Liquids Surrounding Charges
    Fumiya Togashi, Rainald Lohner, Joseph D. Baum, Orlando A. Soto, J. Bell
  201. Multi-scale Simulation of the Interaction of a Shock Wave and a Cloud of Particles
    S. Taverniers, Gustaaf B. Jacobs, Oishik Sen, H.S. Udaykumar, Vasilis Fountoulakis
  202. Numerical Investigation of Dust Lifting Induced by Vertical Shock Wave
    Kei Shimura, Akiko Matsuo
  203. Spectroscopy

  204. The Effect of Adaptive Sampling on Fluorescence Velocimetry Measurements in High-Speed Flows
    Laurent Michel Le Page, Sean O'Byrne, L. Gai
  205. Gas Surface Interaction of Carbon Ablator in a Shock Tube
    Hanseul Shim, Gisu Park
  206. Evaluation of the Radiance of Shock-Heated Air in the 120−400-nm Spectral Range
    Sergei Vitalievich Stovbun, Nataliya Germanovna Bykova, Igor Evgenievich Zabelinskii, Anatoly Mikhailovich Tereza, Oleg Petrovich Shatalov, Pavel Aleksandrovich Vlasov
  207. Shock Waves in Liquids

  208. Surface Jets produced from an Underwater Shock Wave
    Beric William Skews, Hilton Karnovsky
  209. Pressure sensors for hostile environments
    Hugo Fortier-Topping, Martin Brouillette, V. Suponitsky, D. Plant
  210. Visualization of inception, propagation and collapse process of underwater positive streamer
    Takehiko Sato, Ryo Kumagai, Tomoki Nakajima, Kiyonobu Ohtani, Atsuki Komiya, Toshiro Kaneko, Seiji Kanazawa
  211. Poster Session (3)

  212. Detonation transmission with an abrupt area change
    Yao-Chung Hsu, Yei-Chin Chao, Kung-Ming Chung
  213. An Experimental Study on Transonic Swept Convex-Corner Flows
    Kung-Ming Chung
  214. Micro-Vortex Generator Controlled Shock-Boundary Layer Interactions in Supersonic Intake
    Humrutha G., Mrinal Kaushik, K. P. Sinhamahapatra
  215. Enhancement of the DDT Process with Energetic Solid Particle
    Van Bo NGUYEN, Quoc Thien Phan, Jiun-Ming Li, Chang Juay Teo, D. Khoo Boo Cheong
  216. Aerodynamic Force Measurement in a Large-Scale Shock Tunnel
    Yunpeng Wang, Yunfeng Liu, Changtong Luo, Zonglin Jiang
  217. Interaction of a planar shock wave with a water surface
    Vincent RODRIGUEZ, Georges JOURDAN, Antoine MARTY, A. Allou, Jean-Denis PARISSE
  218. Reynolds number effects on Shock-wave boundary layer interaction in a hypersonic flow
    Srinath Lakshman, Ibrahim Mohammed, Sriram Rengarajan, Gopalan Jagadeesh, KPJ Reddy
  219. A One-dimensional Modeling of Seed-electron Generation and Electron Avalanche in Laser-supported Detonation
    Rei Kawashima, Joseph Ampadu Ofosu, Kohei Matsui, Toru Shimano, Kimiya Komurasaki, Hiroyuki Koizumi
  220. Near-Field Pressure Signature over Mach 1.7 Free-Flight Bodies
    Yuma Aoki, Daisuke Yoshimizu, Akira Iwakawa, Akihiro Sasoh
  221. Numerical Study for Interactions between Separation on Supersonic Flow and Laser-Induced Blast Wave
    Masayuki Takahashi, Naofumi Ohnishi
  222. Heat-Flux Measurement of Flat Delta-Plate using Phosphor Thermography Technique in Gun Tunnel
    Han Shuguang, Jia Guangsen, Bi Zhixian, Wen Shuai
  223. Trial Implementation of TiN Surface Coating for a Main Piston Towards Reducing the Opening Time for a Diaphragmless Driver Section
    Shinsuke Udagawa, Walter Garen, Tatsuro Inage, Masanori Ota, Kazuo Maeno
  224. RANS simulation of over- and under-expanded beveled nozzle jets using OpenFOAM
    B. Zang, Vevek U S, T H New
  225. Large Scale Computation of Direct Initiation of Cylindrical Detonations
    Hua Shen, Matteo Parsani
  226. Experimental study of hypersonic shock wave / transitional boundary layer interaction
    Shaofei Xie, Feng Ji, Dapeng Yao, Qing Shen
  227. Hypersonic Boundary Layer Tripping to Turbulence on a Conical Body
    Tarandeep Singh, KPJ Reddy
  228. Basic Experiment on Focusing Schieren PIV Method with LED Light Source
    Masashi Kashitani, Shinichiro Nakao, Yoshiaki Miyazato
  229. Numerical Study of the Flow Separation in a Rocket Nozzle
    Shiquan Zhu, Zhihua Chen, Chun Zheng, Huanhao Zhang, Zhengui Huang
  230. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (4)

  231. Characteristics of Self-Sustained-Shock Pulsation
    Toshiharu Mizukaki, Kazuhiko Yamada
  232. Numerical Simulation of Effect of Angle-of-Attack on a Supersonic Parachute System
    X. Xue, S. Luo, C.Y. Wen
  233. Computational Study on Rigid Disk-Gap-Band Supersonic Parachute Aerodynamics
    Koki Takabayashi, Kanta Fukumoto, Keiichi Kitamura
  234. Modeling of 3-DOF launch dynamics in transonic and supersonic regime using Navier Stokes Equation
    Anupam Purwar, Jagadeesh Gopalan
  235. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability (2)

  236. The Evolution of Concentration and Velocity-Fluctuations in the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
    D. Reese, C. Noble, A. Ames, J. Oakley, D. Rothamer, R. Bonazza
  237. The Richtmyer-Meshkov instability of a flat interface initiated by a perturbed shock
    Mohamad A. Al-Marouf, Ravi Samtaney, Liyong Zou
  238. Jet Formation of SF6 Bubble Induced by Incident and Reflected Shock Waves
    Yuejin Zhu, Lei Yu, Jianfeng Pan
  239. Investigation of the interface stretching within a reshocked mixing zone produced by the Richtmyer Meshkov Instability
    Pierre Graumer, Stephane Jamme, Yannick Bury
  240. Shock Wave Reflection/Interaction (2)

  241. Reflection of a Planar Shock Wave over a Concave Double Wedge
    M. K. Berezkina, I. V. Krassovskaya
  242. On InMR-TRR Transition on a Concave Cylindrical Reflector
    Federico Alzamora Previtali, Evgeny Timofeev, Harald Kleine
  243. Analytical Prediction of Mach Stem Height for Asymmetric Wedge Reflection in 2-D Steady Flows
    Shobhan Roy, Rajesh Gopalapillai (presenter: Athira C M)
  244. Numerical Studies on Form of Weak Shock Reflection over Wedges
    K. Hatanaka, M. Hirota, T. Saito, K. Takayama
  245. Diagnostics/Flow Visualization (2)

  246. Development of Sprayable Ultrafast-PSP for Unsteady Flow
    Yasuhiro Egami, Yudai Sato, Yuya Shimizu, Kohei Yamashita, Ai Natsubori, Takuya Fukuzumi
  247. Boundary-Layer Transition Detection at High Enthalpy Flow Conditions using Temperature-Sensitive Paint
    H. Nagai, T. Nagayama, TH. Tanno, T. Komuro
  248. High-resolution background oriented schlieren technique for a laser-induced underwater shock wave
    Masaharu Kameda, Keisuke Hayasaka, Yoshiyuki Tagawa, Tianshu Liu
  249. Investigations of density field on a flat plate shock-boundary layer interaction at Hypersonic speeds using BOS
    Suriyanarayanan PaulPandi, Venkatakrishnan Laxmi, Srinath L, Jagadeesh Gopalan
  250. Shock Wave Interaction with Various Media (1)

  251. Unsteady dynamics of particles accelerated by a shock wave
    Ankur Deep Bordoloi, Adam Martinez, Kathy Prestridge
  252. Shock-Induced Motion of a Spherical Particle Floating in Air
    Yoshitaka Sakamura, Motohiro Oshima, Katsuyuki Nakayama, Katsuya Motoyama
  253. Exploring the capability of a new shock tube facility to investigate shock interaction with inert particle columns
    Marianne G. Omang, Knut Ove Hauge, Jan K. Trulse
  254. Influence of Phase Transitions Components of Mixtures on Thermodynamic Parameters of Shock Wave Loading
    K.K. Maevskii, S.A. Kinelovskii
  255. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (5)

  256. DNS of Hypersonic Ramp Flow on a Supercomputer
    Igor Klioutchnikov, Herbert Olivier
  257. Free Flight Experiment Investigation of AOA Effect on Cone Boundary Layer Transition at Mach 6
    Zonghao Wang, Sen Liu, Jie Huang
  258. Shockwave Oscillation under Critical Starting Mach Number in Hypersonic inlet
    Peng-fei Xiong, Han-chen Bai, Xiao-fei Zhai, Jun Chen, Zhen-feng Wang
  259. Numerical Analysis of Shockwave Diffraction (fit to presenter’s window)
    Arnab Chaudhuri, Xiao Hong, Gustaaf B. Jacobs
  260. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability (3)

  261. Numerical Investigation of High-Temperature Effects in a Shock-Bubble Interaction
    Milind P Ray, Bhalchandra P Puranik, Upendra V Bhandarkar
  262. The Imploding Cylindrical Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability with Ideal Two-Fluid Plasma Model
    Yuan Li, Ravi Samtaney, Wan Cheng, Vincent Wheatley, Daryl Bond
  263. Self-generated Magnetic Fields in the Plasma Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
    Vincent Wheatley, Daryl Mark Bond, Yuan Li, Ravi Samtaney, Dale Ian Pullin
  264. Electron Shock Dynamics in the Two-Fluid Plasma Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
    Daryl M Bond, Vincent Wheatley, Ravi Samtaney, Dale Pullin
  265. Diagnostics/Flow Visualization (3)

  266. Three-dimensional Laser Interferometric CT density measurement of unsteady flow field around a cylinder induced by discharged shock wave from a cylindrical nozzle
    Daigo Aoki, Sinichi Nakazawa, Ken Kurihara, Masanori Ota
  267. Three-Dimensional Measurement of the Lateral Jet/Cross Flow Interaction Field by Colored-Grid Background Oriented Schlieren (CGBOS) Technique
    Masanori Ota, Ken Kurihara, Takumi Ito, Tatsuro Inage
  268. Experimental Study on the Unsteadiness of an Axisymmetric Shock-Wave/Turbulent-Boundary-Layer Interaction with Separation
    Gaurav Chandola, Xin Huang, David Estruch Samper
  269. Curved shock wave propagation in environmental stratosphere by laser ablation
    Duc Thuan TRAN, Chongfa Xie, Koichi Mori
  270. Shock Wave Interaction with Various Media (2)

  271. Mitigation of Blast in a Water Mist
    T. Schunck, M-O. Sturtzer, J. Mory, D. Eckenfels, J-F. Legendre
  272. Some Aspects of the Numerical Modeling of Shock Wave - Dense Particles Bed Interaction Using Two-Fluid Approach
    Pavel Sergeevich Utkin
  273. Shock Focusing Effect upon Interaction of a Shock with Low-Density Dust Cloud
    Oleg G Sutyrin, Vladimir A Levin, Pavel Yu Georgievskiy
  274. Shock and Blast Wave Interaction With Hard Sand Pan
    Randall Tyrone Paton, Beric William Skews
  275. Detonation and Combustion (3)

  276. Design and measurement of injection gas concertation in rotating detonation engines via diode laser sensors
    Po-Hsiung Chang, Jiun-Ming Li, Boo Cheong Khoo, Lei Li, Jie Ming Teh, Chiang Juay Teo
  277. Experimental Research on a Long Duration Operation of a Rotating Detonation Engine
    J. Nishimura, K. Ishihara, K. Goto, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki, H. Mukae, K. Yasuda, D. Nakata, K. Higashino, H. Moariai
  278. Instabilities of Rotating Detonation
    Haocheng Wen, Qiaofeng Xie, Bing Wang
  279. Large Eddy Simulation of Mixing Characteristic in the Cold Rotating-Detonation Chamber
    Rui Zhou, Baolin Tian, X. P. Li, Jianping Wang
  280. Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction (2)

  281. A Study on Turbulent Transition of Unsteady Boundary Layer Induced by Weak-Compression Wave
    Daiki Tanikawa, Taiki Hashimoto, Shoji Sakaue, Takakage Arai, Tokuzo Miyachi
  282. MVG Control on Supersonic Compression Ramp Flow
    Zhi Chen, X. P. Kong, Tengji Li, Ke Yang
  283. Incident shock/turbulent boundary layer interactions on concave walls
    EnLai Zhang, ZhuFei Li, JiMing Yang
  284. Numerical study of shock wave-boundary layer interaction in cylinder-flare configuration
    Tamon NAKANO, Guillaume LEHNASC, Eric GONCALVES
  285. Numerical Methods (1)

  286. A fast mathematical modelling method for aerodynamic-heating predictions
    Changtong Luo, Zonglin Jiang
  287. Hybrid Compact-WENO Finite Difference Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
    Wai Sun Don
  288. On the Analysis of Full-Spectrum k-Distribution Databases for Thermal Radiation in Shock Waves within CO2 Rich Atmospheres
    Javier Garcia Garrido, Christian Mundt
  289. Reynolds Stress Models for Shock – Turbulence Interaction
    Sebastian Karl, Jean Pierre Hickey, Francis Lacombe
  290. Shock/Vortex Interaction

  291. The Influence of the High-Pressure Part Length on Shock Waves Exiting from an Open Tube
    Connor Wilson, Harald Kleine
  292. Shock Propagation in a Medium with Non-uniform Density
    Daniel Livescu, Yieng Tian, Fathad Jaberi
  293. Investigations on Compressible Mixing Layers by Using Hot-wire Velocimetry
    Taiki Ikeda, Ryosuke Fuse, Kazuaki Hatanaka, Mitsutomo Hirota, Tsutomu Saito, Srisha M.V.Rao
  294. Experimental Study of High-Altitude Environment Simulation for Space Launch Vehicles
    Sungmin Lee, Gisu Park
  295. High Enthalpy Gasdynamics

  296. Hypervelocity tests with a detonation driven expansion tube
    Zongmin Hu, Kai Zhou, Jun Peng, Zonglin Jiang
  297. Catalytic Recombination Characteristics of Atomic Oxygen on Material Surfaces by Optical Emission Spectroscopy
    Xin Lin, Su wang, Fei li, Shaohua zhang, Xilong Yu
  298. Influence of Dual Ignition on Test Conditions of a High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel
    Wei Zhao, Qiu Wang, Jinping Li, Pan Lu , Zonglin Jiang, Jiwei Li
  299. Ablation Measurements in A Low Density Heat Shield Using Ablation Sensor Unit (ASU)
    Yuuki Dantsuka, Takeharu Sakai, Kenta Iwamoto, Yuuichi Ishida3 ,Toshiyuki Suzuki3 Kazuhisa Fujita3
  300. Forced boundary layer transition experiments on a multi-wedge in a gun tunnel
    Feng Ji, Xunhua Liu, Xinguo Sha, Zhixian Bi, Qing Shen
  301. Measurement of Electron Density by Heterodyne Interferometer for Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
    Takafumi Yamada, Makoto Matsui
  302. Medical Applications (invited)

  303. Biological effect of shock waves: Mechanism of blast-induced traumatic injury to medical application
    A. Nakagawa, T. Kawaguchi, T. Tominaga, K. Ohtani
  304. Shockwaves can cure biofilm infections in-vivo in combination with antibiotics
    Akshay Datey, DivyaPrakash Gnanadhas, Dipshikha Chakravortty, Jagadeesh Gopalan
  305. Towards non-invasive insulin injection via control of the electrical breakdown in liquid
    Jack J Yoh, H. Ham, S. Yeo, H. Jang
  306. Current Trend in Cell Membrane Manipulation by Ultrasound and Underwater Shock Wave
    S. Moosavi Nejad Hamid Hosseini
  307. Analysis of Deformation Process of a Bubble in an Elastic Capsule by Shock Waves and Their Medical and Biological Applications
    Masaaki Tamagawa, Toshikazu Imakado, Ryo Ogasahara
  308. A new device for crossing chronic total occlusions
    Louis-Philippe Riel, Steven Dion, Manuel Charlebois-Ménard, Martin Brouillette, S. Bérubé, M.-A. Despatis, A. Benko, M.-É. Clavet, M.-J. Bertrand, P. Geoffroy, J.-F. Tanguay
  309. Nozzle Flow

  310. Shock System Deformation in High Mach Number Rocket Nozzles
    Chloe Genin, Ralf Stark, Sebastian Karl
  311. Experimental Study of TICTOP Nozzles
    Ralf Stark, Chloé Génin
  312. Shock interactions in Thrust Optimized Parabolic (TOP) Nozzles during Start-Up and Shut Down
    Ijaz Mohamed , Rajesh G
  313. Three-Dimensional Instability of Shock-Wave/Boundary- Layer Interaction for Rocket Engine Nozzle Applications
    Andrea Sansica, Jean-Christophe Robinet, Eric Goncalves3, Julien Herpe
  314. Hybrid RANS/LES simulation of shock-induced separated flow in truncated ideal contour nozzle
    Eric Goncalves, Guillaume Lehnasch, Julien Herpe
  315. Unsteady Separation Shock Dynamics in a Mach 4 Shock-Wave/ Turbulent-Boundary-Layer Interaction (fit to presenter’s window)
    Xin Huang, Gaurav Chandola, David Estruch Samper
  316. Shock Waves in Rarefied Flows

  317. On a Problem of Shock Wave Structure
    Akira Sakurai, Susumu Kobayashi
  318. A Generalized Form of the Simplified Bernoulli Trial Collision Scheme Applied to Shock Waves
    Ehsan Roohi, Stefan Stefanov
  319. Comparison of DSMC Chemistry Models for Shock Tube Simulations in the Nitrogen
    Tapan K Mankodi, Upendra V Bhandarkar, Bhalchandra P Puranik
  320. Ab Initio Simulation of Shock Waves propagating through gaseous mixtures
    Felix Sharipov, Fernanda C Dias
  321. Study of Rarefied Flow around Rectangular Cylinder using DSMC
    Vignesh Ram Petha Sethuraman, Heuy Dong Kim, Minoru Yaga
  322. The influence of a pulsed driver on the micro shock propagation
    Walter Garen, Yun Kai, Ulrich Teubner
  323. Chemical Reacting Flows

  324. Numerical Investigation on characteristics of mine gas explosion diffusion
    Cheng Wang, Yong Yao Zhao
  325. Thermochemical nonequilibrium modeling of O2
    Jaegang Kim
  326. Non-uniform Ignition behind a Reflected Shock and its Influence on Ignition Delay Measured in a Shock Tube
    Chengken Qi, Chengyang Huang, Zhen Chen
  327. State-Resolved Transport Properties of Electronically Excited High-Temperature Flows behind Strong Shock Waves
    Vladimir Istomin, Elena Kustova, George Oblapenko
  328. Experimental Investigation of Strong Shock Heated Gases Interacting with Materials in Powder form (invited)
    Jayaram Vishakantaiah
  329. Detonation decay and flame propagation through a channel with porous walls
    Grigory Yurievich Bivol, Sergey Victorovich Golovastov, Victor Vladimirovich Golub
  330. Medical and Biological Applications

  331. Computational Modeling of Recoilless Weapons Combat Training Associated Blast Exposure
    Suthee Wiri, A. Ritter, Jason Bailie,Charles Needham, Josh Duckworth
  332. On the relation between the shock wave thickness in bio-materials and the threshold for blast induced neuro-trauma
    Matei Ioan Radulescu
  333. Contribution of Cavitation Generation to Shock Wave Sterilization Effects in a Narrow Water Chamber
    Jingzhu Wang, Akihisa Abe, Taketoshi Koita, Mingyu Sun
  334. Shockwaves confer immunity against infections in mice
    Akshay Abhay Datey, Dipshikha Chakravortty, Jagadeesh Gopalan
  335. Intracellular Ca+ Increase Evoked by Single Acoustic Pulses
    Akira Tsukamoto, Toru Takahashi, Shigeru Tada, Keiichi Nakagawa
  336. Development of a miniaturized focused shock wave generator for medical application
    Hiroaki Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi Takayama, Hiroaki Shimokawa
  337. Numerical Methods (2)

  338. Numerical study of shock propagation in liquid/gas media
    Nicholas Apazidis
  339. Numerical investigation of a planar shock wave interacting with an acentric water ring
    Bing Wang, Gaoming Xiang
  340. A Multi-Space Interrelation Theory for Correlating Aerodynamic Data from Hypersonic Ground Testing
    Zonglin Jiang, Changtong Luo
  341. Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis in a Hypersonic Flow
    Ravi K. Peetala
  342. Numerical Modelling of the Effects of Surface Roughness on Blunt Body Heat Transfer
    Deliya Kim, Eldad Avital, Gisu Park
  343. Robust and Low-Dissipation Explicit Formulation of Improved Adaptive WCNS Scheme
    Zhao Guo-yan, Sun Ming-bo
  344. Shock Waves in Internal Flows (2)

  345. Shock Induced Corner Separation in Supersonic Duct Flows
    S Vaisakh, T M Muruganandam, A Ramprakash
  346. Unsteadiness of Cowl Shock/Convex Corner Interaction in an Inlet
    Rong Huang, Zhufei Li, Jiming Yang
  347. Experimental investigations of a diffuser start/unstart characteristics for two stream supersonic wind tunnels.
    S Manoj Prabakar, T M Muruganandam (presenter: Ramprakash Ananthapadmanaban)
  348. Experimental and Numerical Studies on Plume Structures of Micro-Nozzles Operating at High Vacuum Conditions
    K. M. M. Rafi, B. A. H. Fahd, M Deepu, G Rajesh
  349. Improvement of pressure recovery in a duct by repetitive laser energy depositions
    Pham Hoang Son, Myokan Manabu, Takahiro Tamba, Akira Iwakawa, Akihiro Sasoh
  350. Shock Wave Generation Method using High-Speed Jet
    Akira Iwakawa, Hirokatsu Kawasaki, Masaya Kayumi, Akihiro Sasoh, Tetsuya Yamashita, Yoshinori Furuta

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