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Proceedings of the 22nd International Shock Interaction Symposium

(July 4-8, 2016, Glasgow, UK the 22nd International Shock Interaction Symposium)

    Session 1.1: Shock-shock and shock-vortex interaction

  1. The Effect of Increasing Rarefaction on the Edney Type IV Shock Interaction Problem
    Craig White
    Text: pdf (0.4 MB)
  2. Shock Wave Interaction with a Solid Body Floating in the Air
    M. Oshima, K. Nakayama, Y. Sakamura
    Text: pdf (1.7 MB)
  3. Analysis of planar and spherical shock-wave mitigation by wet aqueous foams
    C. Brèdaa, S. Kerampranb, M. O. Sturtzera, M. Arrigonib, J. F. Legendrea, Y. M. Scolanb
    Text: pdf (7.6 MB)
  4. Simulations of Shock Wave Interactions in Multiple materials by a Conservative Sharp-interface Method
    Shucheng Pan, Xiangyu Hu, Nikolaus A. Adams
    Text: pdf (3.3 MB)
  5. Session 1.2: Shock waves in transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows 1

  6. Effect of Cowl Length and Cowl Actuation on Starting Characteristics of a High-Speed Air Intake
    A. Ramprakash Ananthapadmanaban, B. Muruganandam T. M.
    Text: pdf (1.7 MB)
  7. Computational Simulation of Shock Interactions in Supersonic Projectile Launch
    A. Badrinarayanan A. S., B. Rajesh G.
    Text: pdf (0.5 MB)
  8. Forecasting Method of Shock-Standoff Distance for Forward-Facing Cavity
    WANG Gang, MA Xiao-wei, Jiang Tao, Gong Hong-ming, KONG Rong-zong, YANG Yan-guang
    Text: pdf (4.1 MB)
  9. Shock reflection in axisymmetric internal flows
    B. Shoesmith, S. Mölder, H. Ogawa, E. Timofeev
    Text: pdf (0.7 MB)
  10. Session 1.3: Shock wave propagation and transient flows

  11. A high order DG method with shock wave resolution within the cell
    Kostandinos T. Panourgias, John A. Ekaterinaris
    Text: pdf (27.4 MB)
  12. Maximum currents possible in lightning return strokes
    A. Mostafa Hemmati, B. William Childs, C. Hunter Newberry
    Text: pdf (0.1 MB)
  13. Experimental and numerical results from shock propagation through dust columns in a shock tube
    M. G. Omang, K. O. Hauge, J. Trulsen
    Text: pdf (0.8 MB)
  14. On the propagation of planar blast waves through non-uniform channels
    J. T. Peace, F. K. Lu
    Text: pdf (1.3 MB)
  15. Session 2.1: Shock waves in nozzles and jets

  16. fs-laser induced micro shock waves in a 50 μm capillary
    Yun Kai, Walter Garen, Ulrich Teubner
    Text: pdf (0.1 MB)
  17. Shock transformations in vacuum ejectors
    R. Arun Kumar, G. Rajesh
    Text: pdf (0.4 MB)
  18. Experiment of interaction between a normal shock wave and various counter flows using a counter-driver shock tube
    T. Tamba, M. Kayumi, H. Kawasaki, A. Iwakawa, A. Sasoh
    Text: pdf (0.3 MB)
  19. Microwave and laser ignition for pulse detonation engines
    P. Bulat, P. Denissenko, I. Esakov, K. Volkov
    Text: pdf (0.7 MB)
  20. Session 2.2: Dynamics of explosion, blast waves and detonations 1

  21. Numerical study on the deflagration-to-detonation transition process of liquid fuel in pulse detonation engines
    Nguyen Van Bo, Li Jiun-Ming, Teo Chiang Juay, Khoo Boo Cheong
    Text: pdf (0.4 MB)
  22. Auto ignition caused by shock wave - boundary layer interaction in reactive mixtures
    Y. Aishima, E. Dzieminska, A. K. Hayashi
    Text: pdf (2.8 MB)
  23. Simulation of shock-induced ignition of an acetylene bubble
    Charles Needham, Troy J. Dent. Jr.
    Text: pdf (3.2 MB)
  24. Session 2.3: Shock wave reflection and diffraction 1

  25. Oblique shock reflection over a membrane
    S. Kobayashi, H. Henmi, T. Adachi, T. Koita
    Text: pdf (8.2 MB)
  26. Formation of shock wave reflection configurations in unsteady flows
    I. V. Krassovskaya, M. K. Berezkina
    Text: pdf (3.7 MB)
  27. On unsteady shock wave reflection from a concave cylindrical surface
    E. Timofeev, F. Alzamora Previtali, H. Kleine
    Text: pdf (6.0 MB)
  28. New findings on the shock reflection from wedges with small concave tips
    F. Alzamora Previtali, H. Kleine, A. Hakkaki-Fard, E. Timofeev
    Text: pdf (2.0 MB)
  29. Session 3.1: Shock waves in transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows 2

  30. Scale effects on the transition of reflected shock waves
    Kazuyoshi Takayama
    Text: pdf (9.0 MB)
  31. Ballistic range experiment of shock stand-off distance for spheres in air with flight speeds between 5.08 and 6.41 km/s
    LIAO Dongjun, LIU Sen, JIAN Hexiang, XIE Aimin, WANG Zonghao, HUANG Jie
    Text: pdf (2.2 MB)
  32. Vorticity-production mechanisms in shock/mixing-layer interaction problems
    R. C. Tritarelli, L. Kleiser
    Text: pdf (0.4 MB)
  33. Session 3.2: Shock wave reflection and diffraction 2

  34. Normal shock wave diffraction over a three-dimensional corner
    R. T. Paton, B. W. Skews, C. M. Cattanach
    Text: pdf (0.5 MB)
  35. The diffraction a two dimensional curved shock wave using geometric shock dynamics
    B. B. Ndebele, B. W. Skews
    Text: pdf (0.9 MB)
  36. An investigation of hysteresis phenomenon in reflection of asymmetric shock waves
    Dheepak N Khatri, Pasam Anil Kumar, G. Rajesh, Santanu Ghosh
    Text: pdf (1.5 MB)
  37. Triple-point singularity and the Neumann paradox of Mach reflection
    A. Sakurai
    Text: pdf (1.7 MB)
  38. Session 3.3: Dynamics of explosion, blast waves and detonations 2

  39. Air blast from a reactive-material-cased explosive charge
    F. Zhang
    Text: pdf (0.6 MB)
  40. Simulation of detonation propagation in hydrogen detonation chamber containing inert particles
    Nguyen Van Bo, Li Jiun-Ming, Teo Chiang Juay, Khoo Boo Cheong
    Text: pdf (0.7 MB)
  41. Extinguishing detonation in pipelines - optimization of the process
    Z. A. Walenta, A. M. Slowicka
    Text: pdf (1.0 MB)
  42. Session 3.4: Shock wave reflection and diffraction 3

  43. Shock wave development within expansive flows
    B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton
    Text: pdf (0.6 MB)
  44. On the focusing of expansion wave due to shock interaction with cylindrical water column
    S. Sembian, M. Liverts, N. Tillmark, N. Apazidis
    Text: pdf (7.5 MB)
  45. Experimental investigation of mist injection at the stagnation point of a blunt body in hypersonic flow
    Sindhu Jangam, S. Mohammed Ibrahim, K. P. J. Reddy
    Text: pdf (13.2 MB)
  46. Session 4.1: Shocks in condensed and heterogeneous media

  47. High-fidelity computational fluid dynamics simulations of blast environments in animal injury studies
    Suthee Wiri, Andrea Gonzales, Charles Needham
    Text: pdf (0.4 MB)
  48. Numerical simulation of reactive gas mixes flows in the detonation engine
    S. N. Martyushov
    Text: pdf (0.1 MB)
  49. Shocks Interactions in Continuum and Rarefied Conditions Employing a Novel Gas-Kinetic Scheme
    S. Colonia, R. Steijl, G. Barakos
    Text: pdf (5.2 MB)
  50. Equation of state of pure water, aqueous solutions of sodium chloride, gelatin gel and glucose syrup
    YAMAMOTO Hiroaki, TAKAYAMA Kazuyoshi and SHIMOKAWA Hiroaki
    Text: pdf (1.9 MB)
  51. Session 4.2: Shock/boundary layer interaction

  52. Hypersonic shock wave boundary layer interaction studies on a flat plate at elevated surface temperature
    Jean-Pierre Hickey, Alexander Wagner
    Text: pdf (5.0 MB)
  53. Viscous correction and shock reflection in stunted Busemann intakes
    H. Ogawa, B. Shoesmith, S. Mölder, E. Timofeev
    Text: pdf (5.2 MB)
  54. Laminar and turbulent shock wave boundary layer interaction on compressor blade
    Ryszard Szwaba, Piotr Doerffer, Piotr Kaczynski
    Text: pdf (0.9 MB)
  55. Shock wave/boundary layer interactions in internal flows
    F. Gnani, H. Zare-Behtash, K. Kontis
    Text: pdf (16.3 MB)

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