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10 Most Dounloaded Articles 2006

  Article Title Authors Views Volume Issue
1 Experimental study on the flow field behind a backward-facing step using a detonation-driven shock tunnel T.-H. Kim, M. Yoshikawa, T. Obara and S. Ohyagi 134 15 1
2 Axisymmetric shock wave interaction with a cone: a benchmark test M. Sun, T. Saito, P. A. Jacobs, E. V. Timofeev, K. Ohtani and K. Takayama 126 14 5-6
3 Time- and space-resolved studies of shock compression molecular dynamics J. E. Patterson, A. S. Lagutchev, S. A. Hambir, W. Huang, H. Yu and D. D. Dlott 97 14 5-6
4 Numerical simulation of supersonic flow past reentry capsules R. C. Mehta 94 15 1
5 Adaptive smoothed particle hydrodynamics for high strain hydrodynamics with material strength M. B. Liu, G. R. Liu and K. Y. Lam 92 15 1
6 A double-front structure of detonation wave as the result of phase transitions Sergey B. Victorov and Sergey A. Gubin 89 15 2
6 High-speed time-resolved color schlieren visualization of shock wave phenomena H. Kleine, K. Hiraki, H. Maruyama, T. Hayashida, J. Yonai, K. Kitamura, Y. Kondo and T. G. Etoh 89 14 5-6
8 Application of underwater shock wave and laser-induced liquid jet to neurosurgery T. Tominaga, A. Nakagawa, T. Hirano, J. Sato, K. Kato, S. H. R. Hosseini and K. Takayama 86 15 1
9 On shock wave propagation in a branched channel with particles P. Kosinski 75 15 1
10 Laboratory-scale blast wave phenomena - optical diagnostics and applications H. Kleine, E. Timofeev and K. Takayama 70 14 5-6
10 Numerical prediction of rock mass damage due to accidental explosions in an underground ammunition storage chamber Chengqing Wu and Hong Hao 70 15 1

Most cited articles

  Article Title Authors Times Cited Volume Issue
1 Nano-particle sizing by laser-induced-incandescence (LII) in a shock wave reactor R. Starke, B. Kock and P. Roth 16 12 5
2 Low hydrocarbon mixtures ignition delay times investigation behind reflected shock waves N. Lamoureux, C.-E. Paillard and V. Vaslier 13 11 4
3 The delivery of particulate vaccines and drugs to human skin with a practical, hand-held shock tube-based system M.A.F. Kendall 9 12 1
3 Numerical study of the lift force influence on two-phase shock tube boundary layer characteristics N. Thevand, E. Daniel 9 11 4
5 Studies of the TNT equivalence of silver azide charges H. Kleine, J.M. Dewey, K. Ohashi, T. Mizukaki and K. Takayama 7 13 2
6 Investigations into water mitigation using a meshless particle method M.B. Liu, G.R. Liu, K.Y. Lam 6 12 3
6 Recent work on gaseous detonations M.A. Nettleton 6 12 1
9 Molecular dynamics comes of age for shockwave research N.K. Bourne 5 13 6
9 Experimental and numerical studies of underwater shock wave attenuation T. Saito, M. Marumoto, H. Yamashita, S.H.R. Hosseini, A. Nakagawa, T. Hirano and K. Takayama 5 13 2

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