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The 34th International Symposium on Shock Waves will be held on July 16-21, 2023 in Daegu, KOREA. Please find detailed information and submission forms in the 34th ISSW official web site from the following link;

We also give you the welcome message from Prof. Kim, Heuy Dong, Chairperson of ISSW34;

On behalf of the organizing committee, we have great pleasure to welcome you to the 34th International Symposium on Shock Waves (ISSW34) in Daegu, Korea, July 16-21, 2023, which is  co-organized by National Symposium on Shock Waves Korea (NSSW Korea) and the Korean Society of Visualization (KSV).

ISSW is a continuation in the series of biannual international symposia that have been held all over the world since 1957 and is held for the first time in Korea. The symposium venue, Daegu, located in the middle of Korean peninsula, is the capital of modern industry in Korea and is also famous as a city of fashion and passion.

As with previous symposia, the ISSW34 covers theoretical, experimental and numerical studies, both basic and applied, of shock wave and related phenomena. The subjects to be covered in the ISSW34 include various engineering as well as medical and biological applications of shock waves.

The International Advisory Committee (IAC), which consists of 60 members from 22 countries, will choose 9 world-renowned scientists in the field of shock wave to provide 9 invited lectures in various shock wave related disciplines. The invited plenary lectures will include the Paul Vieille lecture in the opening ceremony and the Ray Stalker lecture in the closing ceremony of the symposium. The International Scientific Committee (ISC) will review all papers submitted for the presentation at the ISSW34 and recommend the peer-reviewed papers for the symposium proceeding which will be published by Springer after the ISSW34.

In addition to invited lectures and technical sessions, various cultural events such as daily city tours, K-Beauty and K-Medicine tours, full-day excursion, reception, and symposium gala dinner will be a great opportunity to promote exchanges between attendees. During the symposium, you could experience Korean traditional and modern culture.

We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you at what promises to be a safe, pleasant and fruitful meeting of high scientific standard in July 2023.


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