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International Shock Wave Institute International Association for Shock Wave Research


ISWI Committee Member from July 2011 to June 2013

ISWI Exectives

President: Gopalan Jagadeesh
Vice President: D. J. Mee, Z. Jiang
Treasurer: A. Sasoh
Web-site master: M. Katayama, A. Iwakawa


Gas dynamics: J. M. Yang, F. Seiler, K. Kontis, M. S. Ivanov and G. Jourdan
Condensed matter: N. N. Thadhani, Y. Horie, V. M. Fomin and W. Proud
Medical/biological systems: S. H. R. Hosseini
Geophysics and astrophysics: W. Cooper


Countries with shock wave societies
China: Z. Jiang
India: G. Jagadeesh
Japan: A. Abe
Countries without shock wave societies
Other Asia Pacific and Australia: H. Kleine
U.S.A.: R. Bonazza
Canada, other North and South America: M. Brouillette
Western Europe: H. Olivier
Eastern Europe and Russia: V. Kedrinskiy
Pakistan, Thailand, South East Asia: K. Pianthong
Companies: I. Cullis, M. Katayama


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